The experts say it: what is the best flat when you are looking for an apartment?

The answer to this question can be complicated. For this reason, the Colombian real estate site Metrocuadrado created a guide to know which is the ideal floor when looking for a property.

“The general trend is that the higher the apartment, the better the quality of life and the higher its price. However, it depends on the characteristics of the construction and its services,” they explain.

In the relationship between price and quality of life, experts point out that it is always advisable to opt for the intermediate floors, between the fourth floor and the penultimate. On the one hand, the height means that the noise generated in the street does not reach it directly, they do not receive the pollution generated by traffic, they are far from the sewage systems, they receive more natural light and the view is better.

“The higher the level in which the apartment is located, the greater the benefits mentioned will be. But it must be taken into account that, logically, the higher the benefits, the higher the sale price will be,” they add.

The top floor

For many it is the best option for the view. In addition, there is no neighbor above that can generate noise and it is further away from everyday noise and pollution. However, there are other factors. these units They suffer more intensely from changes in temperature and inclement weather.

Live on the ground floor

They are usually cheaper because they are the ones that receive the greatest amount of interior and exterior noise, they also receive the least amount of light and natural air. But this rule does not always apply, because there are some apartments located on the ground floor that offer some additional spaces such as a patio or garden which makes them have more square meters of private area, and this increases the value.

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