Today the Summit of the Peoples is installed in Los Angeles

Stephanie Weatherbee Brito, denounced that the US shows a hegemonic position and expressed solidarity with Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela

Today starts the People’s Summit for Democracy, in the city of Los Angeles – California in the United States, without exclusion.

This was expressed by the president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz Canel, who posted on his twitter this event that will take place from June 8 to 10; It will be a representative meeting for the region with broad participation from different sectors of the United States. “It will be the true transcendental political event for our peoples,” he pointed out.

Similarly, the member of the International Assembly of Peoples, Stephanie Weatherbee Brito, denounced that the United States shows a hegemonic position that demonstrates its claim to dominate the world and expressed solidarity with Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela for maintaining their anti-imperialist struggles.

The event takes place in parallel to the IX Summit of the Americas, in the same North American state, and will feature presentations, workshops, concerts, and exchanges by different American organizations.

On the portal of the People’s Summit they state that the activity aims to open a space to raise their voices.

“The intent is to ensure that the voices of the poor and dispossessed in our hemisphere are heard.” For this day it is planned to start with the panel Democracy for whom?: The consequences of the interventions of the United States in the Americas, on the actions of the Organization of American States in favor of the invasions.

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