“The double” is moving; payment started and continues

The pensioners and members of the Armed Forces and National Police were the first to receive the delivery of salary 13 yesterday and then it will continue with other institutions.

The National Treasury (TN) assured that the delivery of the so-called “Easter royalty” began in the morning, as ordered by the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader. Meanwhile, the Budget Office (Digepres) said that “the common practice of taking loans at the end of the year to guarantee the salary 13 or double salary of municipal public servants has remained in the past. He indicated that “for the second year in a row it has managed to prevent municipalities and mayors, which make up local governments, from having to request loans from the Reserve Bank.”

The initiative is the result of an inter-institutional agreement between the central government and local governments, which seeks to guarantee the total appropriation of resources to comply with the labor rights of workers in the municipalities.

Regarding the royalty, the national treasurer, Luis Rafael Delgado Sánchez, informed the media that the amount to be disbursed amounts to RD $ 21,070 million, of which 16,815 million correspond to the central government and 4,255 correspond to the servers of decentralized institutions and autonomous non-financial and other organizations.

“The early delivery of land 13 is carried out so that Dominican families can carry out their financial planning for Christmas in time,” said the official. Delgado Sánchez suggested that public institutions load the payroll early in the electronic payment system, to speed up the delivery of the regular monthly salary to public servants, which will also be made in the coming days.

Local governments

In relation to the councils, through an agreement, since the beginning of 2021, the Government of Abinader reserved one twelfth of the transfers to salaries, in order to dispose of those items in December and effectively pay the salary 13 in those entities. This month of December, 393 local governments will have all the resources, amounting to RD $ 625.5 million, to comply without having to go into debt with the salaries of municipal personnel, according to data from the Department of Economic Studies of the Digepres.

With the initiative, the current government administration dismantles a practice that some sectors considered harmful, which dates back at least 15 years. And it also leaves behind the constant declarations of emergency in Congress for knowledge and approval of the aforementioned loans, which had to pay interest.

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