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The deputies receive Presbot to discuss the Budget

Deputies listen to proposals from the Budget Director.

The special commission of the Chamber of Deputies empowered to study the project to modify the General State Budget 2020 and 2021, received the Director General of the Budget, who expressed the importance of its approval.
At the meeting, José Rijo Presbot said that due to the haste, no major projects were contemplated, a situation that increased spending.

The commission was chaired by deputy Francisco Javier Paulino, who stated that the project introduces modifications to the total income, expenses and financing for the current fiscal year, taking into account the current economic and health crisis.

In this sense, José Rijo explained that the approval of a supplementary budget for 2021 is necessary, because the Government only had 45 days to deliver the general budget for that year and some very important projects were not contemplated in it. .

Rijo said that many of the projects that could not be included due to the lack of the National Public Investment System Code (SNIP), necessary to execute a project.

He also added that a series of events that the State could not control, such as swine fever, which made the Ministry of Agriculture have to make an investment that already amounts to 1,400 million pesos, which were not budgeted, were the reasons that caused the deficit of 4.1 of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

In that same order, he added that the purchase of vaccines could not be considered in the budget item, because, at the time of the approval of the law, they were not approved by the FDA and the WHO.

He highlighted that within the project there is a net increase of RD $ 85,211.5 million in expenses.

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