Aparicio: "Without investment in women, there is no prosperity"

Aparicio: “Without investment in women, there is no prosperity”

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The manager of the chambers of industry, Claribel Aparicio, participated in the high-level conference Diálogo de Mujeres Salma (Strategic Alliances Latin America Meeting Africa) 2021, in Panama, where she stated that “without investment in women, there is no prosperity.”

In her presentation, the former Vice Minister of Foreign Trade showed the current “multidimensional crisis” and the advances in gender equality and equal opportunities that are felt in different countries.

Aparicio’s presentation had three pillars, in the first he spoke of the consequences of the pandemic in terms of gender equality and assured that this health crisis generated a setback on the subject.

“This is why efforts should be added to create spaces and opportunities for women, and even more so, to open the conditions for more women to access high positions of responsibility,” said Aparicio.

A second element addressed was the contribution that women can make in the transformation of forms.

“It is a very important element and a quality that today becomes an advantage when entering into agreements and negotiations, that is why we must clearly define our convictions, values, principles, challenges and projections to be clear about where we are going”, Indian.

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The third element was the importance of the participation of women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the economy of the countries and the importance of the presence of women in senior positions of responsibility in companies and business organizations: “Without investment in women there is no prosperity ”, He declared.

“The participation of women in companies and business organizations shows a 360-degree vision. Various investigations by international organizations such as the United Nations, the ILO, the World Bank, among others, show that the increasing incorporation of women into senior positions of responsibility has been the main engine of global growth and competitiveness in the countries ”, explained the former official.

This event had the participation of countries such as Uruguay, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Kenya, Bolivia, Senegal, Tunisia, Ecuador, Panama, Honduras, Argentina, Mali, Mexico, Canada, Ivory Coast, Spain, United States, Colombia , Germany, Venezuela, Cameroon and Uganda.

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