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The Cuban Álvaro Tadeo is already in the semifinals of La Voz Kids Spain

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MADRID, Spain.- The Cuban boy Álvaro Tadeo will compete next week in the semifinal round of the La Voz Kids España contest program after passing the “assault” phase this Saturday.

Tadeo, 14 years old and also of Canarian origin, was not only among the contestants from Aitana’s team who advanced to the semifinals, but was also chosen by the public vote.

In his performance on June 17, the boy sang again, as the program establishes, the song “The way you look tonight” by the American singer and actor Frank Sinatra (1915-1998), with which he managed to get the “auditions blindly” Aitana and Rosario Flores turned around since they began to sing.

“I feel a little more Cuban than Canarian, and I have a very special relationship with my (Cuban) grandmother, with whom I sing songs like ‘Lágrimas negras,'” he had said before going on stage for the first time.

This Saturday, the presenter of La Voz Kids, Eva González, when introducing her performance, pointed out that listening to Álvaro Tadeo “is like playing vinyl from old records, because his voice is capable of transporting us to another era.”

When she sang “The way you look tonight” again, the jury praised her evolution after the last few weeks advised by the “coaches”.

“We believe that Álvaro Tadeo has a lot of quality,” said the popular Spanish singer David Bisbal, a member of the jury. While rosary flowers He expressed: “You have always impressed me. I think you have a huge future ahead of you.”

In the previous phase, the the battles”Álvaro Tadeo won with the song “Your Song”, by the British musician Elton John.

We will have to wait until next week to see what song surprises the Cuban boy with and if he makes it to the final of La Voz Kids Spain.

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