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The Comptroller’s Office rotated an official involved in the audio of Los Tiranos del Centro

The Comptroller's Office rotated an official involved in the audio of Los Tiranos del Centro

The rotated from his functions Víctor Marcial Araujo Cano, attorney of that institution, in which the mother of his children offers protection to the mayor of the municipality of Huancayo (Junín), Juan Carlos Quispe Ledesma, accused of being the ringleader of .

Jeaneth Kristel Contreras Palomino is the former adviser to the mayor, who is currently a fugitive from justice due to a preliminary arrest warrant against him for his links with the mafia dedicated to collecting quotas from Huancayo merchants and businessmen.

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“From the Comptroller, we do not shield anyone. What we have done is that its rotation has been arranged; Not only does it no longer work formally here, in the Junín region, but the competition to see any case within the region has been withdrawn,” Comptroller Nelson Shack said during a press conference in Huancayo.

Similarly, Shack warned that due to the importance of these cases, the processes will be seen through the central prosecutor’s office in Lima.

“Investigations have been opened and once they are concluded, the sanctions on this official will proceed and, if appropriate, criminal complaints will be made. The Comptroller’s Office, from the top management, has already acted on this issue, ”he replied to this newspaper. Likewise, it was known that they will review the cases brought by the official in the Comptroller’s Office.

Statements Nelson Shack

Megaoperative in Junín

The statements were made during the launch of the Control Mega-operation, which will last for the next four months. As reported, public works and services executed with public resources by entities at the three levels of national, regional and local government will be supervised and audited.

According to Óscar Ayauja Medrano, Junín’s regional control manager, 303 interventions will be carried out throughout the department, from which 123 control services will emerge between simultaneous and subsequent control actions, 146 related services in which complaints are evaluated and collects information, and 34 integrity and transversal actions in which citizen participation is involved.

For this intervention, the Comptroller has scheduled to examine the execution of more than S / 757 million handled by 63 of the public entities in that department that includes works, goods, services, human resources and others.

They have also committed the participation of more than 115 auditors and control specialists to be deployed in the nine provinces of the region.

One day before the launch, the head of the Comptroller General, Nelson Shack, visited the execution of the work at the Mariscal Castilla educational institution in the city of Huancayo, as well as the construction of modules, in which the works have been partially executed. and others have not been carried out, causing damage of more than S/ 2 million in the Regional Government of Junín.

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