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Abinader evaluates projects of the DR Country Brand

President Luis Abinader met yesterday with the members that make up the Country Brand project, to follow up on the strategy that the Government launched in October 2020, the Government and the Multisectoral Commission.
Upon arriving at the place where the meeting was held, the head of state announced that it would deal with all the projects that the Government has in the pipeline within the framework of the Country Brand strategy, in the various areas of promotion. David Collado, the administrator of the Banco de Reservas, Samuel Pereyra, businessmen and other executives were present at it.

The Dominican Government and the recently created Multisectoral Commission launched the Country Brand strategy in 2020 in order to promote the Dominican Republic in a comprehensive manner around 5 pillars: investment, exports, tourism, culture and citizenship. The commission was created by decree 466-20 of September 11, 2020.

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