Heber asks his supporters not to "throw bombs", because "that's how some neighborhoods are"

Heber asks his supporters not to “throw bombs”, because “that’s how some neighborhoods are”

Don't drop bombs.  Heber in act of the PN.  Photo: Screenshot Telemundo 12.
Don’t drop bombs! Heber in act of the PN. Photo: Screenshot Telemundo 12.

Heber participated in the last few hours, together with the Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, the former candidate for Mayor, Laura Raffo, and the Undersecretary of the Environment, Gerardo Amarilla, among other nationalist leaders, in an act against the repeal of 135 articles of the Law of Urgent Consideration (LUC).

As Heber began to speak, some of the event participants set off fireworks, sparking a moment of surprise and then hilarity among those on the dais.

At that moment, Delgado approached Heber and told him: “Don’t throw bombs,” referring to a controversial and historic speech by the late white deputy for Artigas: Carlos “Alma” Guani dos Santos.

Heber smiled and replied the expression: “Don’t throw bombs!”, as reported by Telemundo 12.

For his part, Raffo limited: “They are not shots, Heber.”

But the Secretary of State added, with a smile: “Yes. They confuse me. Because that’s how some neighborhoods are.”

don’t drop bombs

In 1994, towards the end of the government of Luis Alberto Lacalle Herrera and in the middle of the electoral campaign, the white man Carlos “Alma” Guani dos Santos (related to Alberto Volonté’s Manos a la Obra sector) referred to his supporters , in a public act: “Che, shut up those who throw bombs (bombs could be heard roaring). Do you want to make a carnival or listen to a person?. Please, the hubbub is over! I want to be serious. Do not drop bombs, it seems that they are opposites. Those who throw bombs to shut me up are my adversaries, don’t be stupid, it’s the only opportunity to speak (…)”.

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