The charges faced by Payo Cubas, detained in the Specialized Group

A man was found dead this siesta in the San Isidro neighborhood of Encarnación. His relatives denounce that he was tortured and demand that those responsible be identified.

Gustavo Ariel Martinez Panillaux (23) It was found inside a barbecue area located in a small field of Stage 4, San Isidro de Encarnación neighborhood, Itapúa department. Martinez had arrest warrant for aggravated robbery.

Given the notice received at the police duty office, the agents of the 40th Police Station went to the site and verified that the corpse had a sheet tied around its neck.

The forensic doctor preliminarily diagnosed as the cause of death, extrinsic cervical compression asphyxia by strangulation. However, there were bloodstains and the deceased was without clothes.

It is also news: The Police arrested Payo Cubas for disturbing public peace

Jackeline Bogado, cousin of the victim, spoke with the Gen-Nación Media channel and revealed that Gustavo came from Arroyo Porä three months ago, and He began to live with a woman on a property from which they were evicted, supposedly for stealing.

“We found him a disaster, we don’t know who killed him, but they ordered him killed, it looks like they suffocated him and played everything wrong with him,” Bogado said. He added that he requires Justice to identify those responsible.

The body was transferred to the judicial morgue, where the autopsy is being carried out at this time, in order to have greater precision about the circumstances of death.

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