Moreira defended the delivery of an apartment: "I would make the same decision again."

Irene Moreirauntil this Friday Minister of Housing and Territorial Planning, announced that will leave the secretary of state and will return to Parliamentbut defended his actions and said that would once again directly award an apartment to the Cabildo Abierto militant.

“If you ask me today: I would make the same decision“exclaimed the wife of Guido Manini Ríos in a press statement that she carried out at the headquarters of the Ministry of Housing accompanied by various leaders of the Cabildo Abierto, in addition to militants who had gathered at the gates of the Old City building.

Although the Monday the Political Table of Town meeting will meet to evaluate what decision he makes regarding his permanence in the government coalitionMoreira assured that he will leave the ministry and return to Parliament, where he has a seat in the Senate that Raúl Lozano occupies today.

I will return to work tirelessly side by side from Parliament as I have done for the most fragile in our society all my life“, he pointed out.

Despite the fact that before the Presidency he could not prove the existence of a norm that covers having awarded an apartment without going through a lottery –something he also did in four other cases–, Moreira insisted that he did not violate “any law“. “I have not acted under any political conditions nor have we benefited any citizen in particular. We have always acted in good faith, protected by a framework that has been used throughout the history of this ministry,” he argued.

In this sense, he affirmed that this mechanism was “public knowledge of all the current authorities” and that the procedure was used during the 15 years of government of the Broad Front “in more than 70 opportunities”.

“I would make the same decision again, covered by the regulatory framework by which a housing solution was provided under a rental regime with an option to buy that this citizen will have to pay for it. Nobody gave her anything,” he said, adding that the woman must pay it for “30 years”. “This head of the family, a mother, with a minor in charge, with a very low income, with a vulnerability… I would do it again”.

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