The challenges of Alejandro Gaviria in the Ministry of Education

The challenges of Alejandro Gaviria in the Ministry of Education

Last Thursday, July 7, the elected president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, announced the appointment of Alexander Gaviria as its Minister of Education.

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Gaviria, who was a presidential candidate in the Centro Esperanza coalition, will be minister for the second time in his political career. The first time he did it was in the government of Juan Manuel Santos (2010-2018), when he led the portfolio of Health (2012-2018).

And what will be the challenges that the former rector of the Universidad de los Andes will have to face in this new ministerial stage? Petro himself made it clear.

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Alejandro Gaviria has the difficult task of starting our march towards a knowledge society“, said Petro, after listing 8 main tasks, which are:

– Achieve public and free higher education.

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– Achieve university centers of excellence research-focused audiences.

– Increase substantially the number of boys and girls in preschool.

– Generalize university well-being with restaurants and nurseries for young women with children.

– Ensure that the expansion of education cover the most forgotten regions.

– Achieve effective articulation on the Seine and in the last years of high school with higher education.

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– Achieve the extension of the school day with art and music, sports, mathematical preparation for programming, history.

– Find that the National Infrastructure Agency handle the fields of construction of educational infrastructure, connectivity and health.

(See: This is how Gustavo Petro’s cabinet is looking).


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