Camilo Escalona refers to Ricardo Lagos: “He thinks that on September 4 two texts compete on equal terms”

Ricardo Lagos “thinks that on September 4 – the date of the plebiscite for the proposed Constitution – two texts compete under equal conditions. It is not like this. What will happen is that if it is rejected in the plebiscite, the Constitution of 1980 remains in force. It is not that there is nothing left as he insinuates”, assured Camilo Escalona, ​​general secretary of the Socialist Party, in the Central Table program of Tele13 when being consulted about his differences with former President Ricardo Lagos.

“It is a complete utopia, a fiction to say that later a constitutional debate will continue that will allow us to have a new institutional framework,” he added.

On July 5, the former president issued a letter in which, without leaning towards an alternative, Approval or Rejection, he stressed that neither the current Constitution nor the one proposed by the Constitutional Convention generate consensus and that after the September 4 plebiscite, the constitutional debate.

He proposed that if the Approval wins “the debate must be opened to incorporate improvements in the text”, while if the Rejection wins “what has been achieved by the Constituent Assembly cannot be left aside”.

Escalona pointed to the social and democratic state of rights as “the backbone of the new Constitution.” In this direction Javier Macaya, president of the UDI, said in the same program -a block before- that it was possible to advanceTsar in a Constitution with a social State of rights, as the UDI, RN and Evópoli promised through a letter released on Saturday 9 that had ten points in which the conglomerate would be willing to make changes to the current Constitution if necessary. to win the Rejection option on September 4.

Macaya agreed when asked if he could overcome the subsidiarity in a future Constitution. “The focus that was too necessary in the application of public policies that gave birth to solidarity, today gives a step to certain social rights that must be guaranteed,” he assured in Central Table.

However, he stressed that they have differences with the left regarding the way they seek to provide social rights. “The left thinks that the guarantee, the provision of these social rights that have to be public, is synonymous with the State providing them. And we believe that the important thing is that they be provided efficiently, so that the State works. That it has a public character, but not necessarily a state one”.

Escalona assured about the sayings of the president of the UDI that it is “the denial of the social and democratic State of rights: he affirms that the provision of rights corresponds to private parties and not to the State.”

“They were defeated in the subsidiary State, because it is the one that led to the social explosion. (…) They are not going to apply it as it should be done. Because social rights must be applied by the State, otherwise they are simply not applied”, he added.

“The State cannot run a campaign, that is impossible”

“That is completely absurd. Entirely and totally irrational, the State cannot lead a campaign, that is impossible. I don’t know how anyone figured it outrre (…). It is unconstitutional”, assured Camilo Escalona about the meeting held in La Moneda on July 8. He cites that deputy Leonardo Soto assured that his objective was “to work for approval” together with the President.

The general secretary of the PS assured that the theme of the meeting was more symbolic: “First time that the socialist table talks with him -President of the Republic-“, and described that ten people attended.

This after the socialist deputy Leonardo Soto published a video on Saturday where he claimed to be in the Carrera de La Moneda Hall. together with the directive of the Socialist Party “for a coordination meeting to work for the Approval together with President Gabriel Boric. We will have good news soon!”

Subsequently, Deputy Soto used his social networks to clarify the situation, deleted the publication and issued another where he pointed out that “about the previous post of the meeting in La Moneda, I must admit that there was an error on my part. It was just a protocol meeting in which the legislative agenda was discussed. I was wrong to link it in a video with the Plebiscite, an error that in no case can be attributed to the Government”.

The president of the PS, Paulina Vodanovic, consulted by emmol the same saturday, He assured that not said by the deputy “it is not effective and he also does it before the meeting. He would not give it more importance than that, understanding that it is a serious mistake made by a deputy who should have the criteria to understand that in addition to a meeting that has not yet taken place, he should not be communicating it before “.

Camilo Escalona criticized Soto’s attitude and wondered “how can a person begin to transmit something that has not happened?”

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