The challenge in Oaxaca is to overcome participation in the face of soulless campaigns

The challenge in Oaxaca is to overcome participation in the face of soulless campaigns

The electoral strategy in 2022

José Antonio Rueda Márquez, coordinator of the campaign of Salomón Jara Cruz, candidate of the Together We Make History alliance, points out that the tour they are carrying out for the entity will end with a resounding victory.

“We cannot speak of soulless or dull campaigns, because although the INE is extremely vigilant in terms of propaganda, the alliance has a different strategy based on the territory”note.

Rueda Márquez maintains that currently between four and five municipalities are visited daily, which gives them a wide advantage that will give them results on June 5. “In Morena we cannot throw ourselves into the hammock (to rest), but rather we have to get the largest number of votes, because speculation is avoided and it provides strength to the federation,” he explains.

Unlike the 2016 campaign when they competed alone for the governorship of Oaxaca, the coordinator recalls that they are accompanied by a great transformation movement in the country and with a “reference point of struggle”, such as Jara Cruz.

For his part, Marco Antonio Cuevas, campaign coordinator for Alejandro Avilés Álvarez, PRI-PRD candidate, assures that “Triple A”, as he is known, has been the only candidate who has presented serious and real proposals and that – supported by 29 sectoral coordinators – take the message and proposals to the citizens.

The politician emphasizes that they do not see “a soulless campaign”, but rather a change in strategies”. “We have traveled about 8,000 kilometersfrom meetings with structures, militancy, businessmen and various sectors of society, the PRI is committed to supporting the AAA”, he says, recalling that the use of plastics, banners, tarpaulins, utility vehicles has been reduced.



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