The campaign to find a family for ‘michi’, the cat that was abandoned in Bucaramanga and that went viral on networks

The campaign to find a family for 'michi', the cat that was abandoned in Bucaramanga and that went viral on networks

The story of the feline generated outrage in many Internet users, the woman who abandoned him was fined $10 million. They say that the animal has not received aid despite the fact that the news went viral, “it is the dream cat.”

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The case of the abandoned cats in Bucaramanga continues to be talked about on social networks, their story not only generated enormous outrage, but also many have mobilized to get the animal a new home and family.

Those who try to find life partners for the feline have done so through social networks.

On Twitter, for example, the user @jugodelula has been making posts expressing the situation.

  • «The kitten who was abandoned in a park and the news went viral due to a fine that was given to his abandoner STILL HOMELESS. He has not received aid either. This cat is beautiful and judicious and ALLOWS TO BE HARNESSED. The dream cat. Twitter do your magic.

The user has not only asked for the support and collaboration of those who want to adopt him, he is interested in the animal receiving love and excellent treatment.

  • “Please, if you want to adopt this perfect michi in every way, you can contact 3017171781. Also if you want to make contributions for his maintenance (they have not been received despite the virality of the case). You seriously have no idea how special this kitty is.”

The case sparked outrage

The evidence contained in the video in which a woman was observed abandoning several cats and which was recorded by witnesses in the Los Guayacanes park, known in Bucaramanga as “the one with the cats” has paid off.

The case that at the time generated enormous outrage led the authorities to keep an eye on it and monitor the situation.

The campaign to find a family for 'michi', the cat that was abandoned in Bucaramanga and that went viral on networks
The woman arrived on a motorcycle, carrying the cat in her arms.

To the point where the Police Inspection of the Mayor’s Office initiated a process for animal abuse of this woman.

Who was fined $10 million.

“Exemplary and historic sanction for $10,000,000 million for the woman who abandoned and mistreated her cat in a park in our city. Those who believe that they can leave their pets abandoned and nothing happens are wrong. They are sentient beings that we must take care of and fill with love,” said local president Juan Carlos Cárdenas.

The woman hit people when they claimed her

The woman who had a helmet and was wearing a gray blouse and red shorts realized that she was being recorded and became aggressive.

Another approached with a cell phone to get his attention, threw it on the floor and broke it. A man, an animal activist in the area, had his lip busted.

Cristian Ballesteros, one of those attacked, said: “I ended up with my mouth busted and my partner, with blows to the head, and she damaged her cell phone because she threw it hard on the floor, that was her means of work. There was never any aggression on our part.”

Although the woman covered her head with a helmet, the young author of the video managed to capture the license plate of the motorcycle and the woman who tried to escape.

They did not let her go and called the police.

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