The call to close ranks of President Gabriel Boric to the ruling party: “There are no first or second category parties”

The call to close ranks of President Gabriel Boric to the ruling party: "There are no first or second category parties"

During this day, President Gabriel Boric commanded the first conclave together with his ministers and the ruling parliamentarians in the presidential palace of Cerro Castillo, which had been tense in the previous days due to friction between each one over specific issues, such as the end of the Senate and the fifth retreat. In fact, the same Segpres minister, Giorgio Jackson, anticipated that they were summoned in the morning, “outdoors, to cool things down.”

The truth and the concrete is that the President made reference to this situation, according to the newspaper Thirdand that he called for the unity of the ruling party and raised the aspiration that the government be ordered after a single coalition in the future.

“What can be said very clearly, in my role as President of the Republic, is that there are no first or second category parties. And here all the parties are going to be treated with the respect and deference they deserve,” said the president.

“We have two coalitions that are beginning to gel each, but we have only one government. And here is something that I want to strongly ask of you: we cannot pretend that the executive or parliamentary agenda exhausts the political debate that our different collective spaces must have (…) I would say that today we are two coalitions, if tomorrow we are going to be one, which to me personally seems desirable that we move towards there, is going to happen to the extent that we manage to build trust and strategic unity”, he added.

In another excerpt from his speech, President Boric insisted that “we are required to share a strategic direction. We have proposed and we propose to the people of Chile to lead the effort to overcome neoliberalism, but we cannot have a definition that is contrary to something”.

According to what was reported by the Presidency, the instance of dialogue and collaboration with the government team, pro-government parliamentarians, sought to “address improvements” in our country.

Among the topics that were worked on were a plan for justice and human rights reparation; the pandemic and back to school; tax agenda; decent job; inclusive reactivation plan; climate crisis and water emergency; feminism, dissidence and care; emergency plan for the housing and city deficit; as well as governance and territories.

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