National Assembly defers appointment of new TSJ magistrates

National Assembly defers appointment of new TSJ magistrates

The National Assembly (AN) approved to defer “for hours”, the election of the new magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), in order to carry out a new evaluation of the more than 250 candidates for the positions.

«We are going to work hard for hours, to discuss, to consult to evaluate to define to seek agreements, to seek the best, and that it can be a workmanship of all, when very soon, it must be like this, hours, very soon, let us convene a new session of the National Assembly and from there come out the 20 best main magistrates, the 20 substitute magistrates, the best court inspector, and the best director of the school of the magistracy”, said the president of Parliament Jorge Rodriguez.

“We will work a little more. Let us listen to any voice that wants to be heard and within hours we must be able to present to the country those magistrates who will coordinate, who will direct the court process », he added.

In this regard, he recalled that everything established in the legal regulations has been complied with, by meeting with each of the candidates and having the endorsement of the Republican Moral Council, which delivered its recitals last Tuesday.

It “points out that we must go even deeper into the work and consultation process, even though we have spoken with everyone, we have met, with the political, economic, social sectors, representatives of the people, with union organizations, former magistrates, with the current magistrates, the Moral Power, the Moral Council gave a conclusion that was formally presented to us last Tuesday,” Rodríguez pointed out.

The request was presented by the president of the AN Judicial Nominations Committee, Guiseppe Alessandrello, who was also supported by the vice president of the commission, José Gregorio Correa.

“At this time, parliamentarians have a very important and transcendental duty, since the decision made here will positively or negatively affect the future of the nation,” Alessandrello said.

For Alessandrello, the deputies must study each of the postulates more, before making the decision.

“Each deputy must soak up knowledge about each of these citizens; since the decision is very important”, said the deputy.

For his part, José Gregorio Correa stressed that there cannot be a court by majority, but through consensus, since it is about seeking equity so that justice is at the service of all Venezuelans.

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