“The biggest money laundering case in the country”

“The biggest money laundering case in the country”

Arnaldo Giuzzio, Minister of the Interior, filed with the Secretariat for the Prevention of Money or Asset Laundering (Seprelad) a criminal complaint against Horacio Cartes, former President of the Republic for money laundering from smuggling, illicit enrichment in public office and affidavit false. The complaint was made last Wednesday.

Precisely, the fact that he presented before Seprelad and not before the Public Ministry generated some criticism from the press.
In an interview with 5dias TV, the Secretary of State stated that Gafilat itself recommends that Seprelad have the functions of a financial intelligence body. Therefore, it is the most suitable to investigate than the Public Ministry itself.

“This particular case deserves a different attention due to its magnitude. The case is very big. The largest money laundering case in our country and it could be in the continent. We are not worried about the Prosecutor’s Office because if we close, Seprelad itself will make the report and denounce it before that body, ”he mentioned.

He pointed out that the presentation he made was the result of an analysis of the affidavit of assets, but that there is more information that Seprelad will be able to obtain from the banking entities, such as the promissory notes that Sarah Cartes signed, among other inputs.

When asked if these complaints arouse fear in him, he pointed out that the brave is not the one who is not afraid, but the one who, despite the fear, does what he should.

“I don’t sit down and think about that aspect, because it’s complicated. We believe that there are sufficient elements to demonstrate what we are denouncing. Much of what is there was known,” she stated.

He pointed out that he has not received threats after the complaints.
“I have received absolutely nothing. What happens is that we always play up front. We never play from behind. We are frontal. Since my time as a prosecutor, we have done the same with people who were in power,” he stressed.

Giuzzio highlighted that Cartes, in 2013, had in cash the sum of G. 88 billion. While a year later, in 2014, he announced that he owned G. 90 billion. He questioned that the former president must have reasons so that these sums do not enter the financial system.

He also denounced the millionaire loans that he makes to various people and entities with promissory notes that do not record repayment dates. With this, Giuzzio affirms that it can lend itself to an extortion mechanism.

Among the people and entities cited by Giuzzio appears the Libertad club, which until 2018, had a debt of US $ 6 million with the former president. Also the sister of the former president, Sarah Cartes Jara, who received US $ 50 million. The latter occurred at the same time that the businesswoman acquired 90% of the shares of the Basa bank.

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