The Another Way Movement will hold its National Constitutive Convention this Sunday, May 22

This Sunday, May 22, the party in formation Movimiento Otro Camino (Moca) will hold the National Constitutive Convention, with the aim of becoming completely official and thus entering the 2024 electoral contest.

Otto Gamboa, spokesman for Moca, explained that the national (conventional) leaders will choose the name of the party, the declaration of principles, the logo, the flag, the party’s statutes and the national directive by voting. “There are more than 300 conventional voters.”

The Moca statute has 80 pages and 179 articles. To approve it, national leaders must indicate on the ballot: yes or no.

The document indicates, among other aspects, that the party was born as an independent movement in response to the gradual weakening of the country’s institutions, the lack of separation of powers of the State organs and the loss of trust of the citizens in the traditional political parties. In addition, in its article 166 it leaves the door open for alliances.

The Electoral Court (TE) established that in order for the parties in formation to be able to nominate candidates in the 2024 elections, they must be duly recognized as a constituted party, no later than December 31, 2022.

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