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The advice of Greeicy and Mike Bahía to have a ‘dream love’

The advice of Greeicy and Mike Bahía to have a 'dream love'

For more than 10 years, Greeicy Rendón and Mike Bahía They have had an admirable love relationship, since singers from Cali have not been involved in gossip about infidelity, separation and much less violence, something that is the order of the day in the lives of many celebrities these days.

After the arrival of his first son kaithe new parents have talked about what this stage has been like, a process that both Greeicy and Mike describe as incredible, since the baby has brought a lot of love, peace and happiness to the family.

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In the midst of what it has been like to work together, to be a couple and also parents, Greeicy, 30, and Mike, 36, have known how to divide and take advantage of the spaces as a couple and alone, since the verbal and non-verbal communication, has been a key element for everything to go well between them, confession they made during an interview with Rodner Figueroa, the artists from Cali.

Other tips that have allowed them to take the relationship they have up to now on the right track, is don’t take anything personally because they understand that not every day is good and sometimes the other needs their own space.

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In addition, Mike confessed that sometimes spend long hours without talking to Greeicy and there is no problembecause they blindly trust each other, words that she reaffirmed, because Rendón said that he has never asked his partner for a photo, location or made a video call to control him.Since according to her this is the basis of everything, choose someone who gives you confidence and security.

Finally, both indicated that “love is a life decision”, so it is necessary to love yourself, allow yourself to love without fear and without insecurities, because with this it is more likely that a relationship will be lasting and most importantly , healthy.

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