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Casa da Mulher Brasileira will reach all capitals in the country

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Casa da Mulher Brasileira will reach all capitals in the country

By the end of the current government, each capital will have a unit of the Casa da Mulher Brasileira. Cities in the interior will also receive the institution. This information was provided by the Minister of Women, Cida Gonçalves, in an interview with the program Brazil on agendafrom the TV Brazil.

The complete interview will air from 22:30 this Sunday (26).

The Casa da Mulher Brasileira is a space with specialized services for the most diverse types of violence against women. Services include welcoming and triage, psychosocial support, police station, court, public prosecutor’s office, public defender’s office, temporary accommodation, among others.

“The institution is a brand that came and brings security to women in situations of violence. It has become a real brand in the fight against violence against women in the country, so all municipalities, all women have it as a reference”, highlighted the minister.

There will be 40 new houses of the Brazilian Woman that will be added to the existing seven. The initiative is part of the relaunch of the Mulher Viver sem Violência program, which will also make 270 vehicles available to the Maria da Penha Patrol and to Women’s police stations, in addition to restructuring the Women’s Assistance Center – Call 180, a service that registers and forwards complaints of violence to the competent bodies.

In the interview, the minister talks about the actions of the federal government presented on the day sea ​​8ço, International Women’s Day. Among the 25 measures are the sending of a bill to the National Congress that determines equal pay for men and women. The project provides for inspection and fines for those who pay lower wages to women.

“We are also going to have, in the area of ​​education, the relaunch of the Thousand Women Program. Come on, this year yet, [ter] 20,000 women being qualified for the job market, primarily in the area of ​​digital inclusion”, he pointed out.

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