Texas oil rises to $78.67 per barrel

Texas oil rises to $78.67 per barrel

The price of Texas intermediate oil (WTI) opened this Thursday with a rise of 1.63%, up to 78.67 dollars a barrel, given the prospect of a rebound in demand in China and a drop in inflation in the United States.

At 9:05 local time (14:05 GMT), the futures contracts of WTI for delivery in February They earned $1.26 compared to the close of the previous day.

The Petroleum benchmark in the US progressed on expectations that demand will recover in Chinathe world’s largest importer of crude oil, due to the reopening of the economy that it is carrying out after the strong restrictions due to covid-19 in recent years.

In addition, they helped the price of the Petroleum inflation data in USA known this Thursday, which showed that prices continued to fall in December, for the sixth consecutive month, after a period of very high inflation.

The inflation stood at 6.5%, 6 tenths below that of November, according to data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS, in English).

consumer prices

In monthly terms, consumer prices fell by one tenth, at a time when it is closely watched whether the increases in interest rates of the Federal Reserve (Fed) have an effect on price containment in the US.

  • The index of the gasoline was, by far, the one that contributed the most to the monthly decrease in prices it fell 9.4% monthly.

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