Team Survey: 43% would vote for the Broad Front and the 38% coalition

Intention to vote in Uruguay in June 2023
Intention to vote in Uruguay in June 2023

The national elections in Uruguay are approaching and the intention of citizens to vote is a key factor to analyze the political landscape of the country. According to the latest survey carried out by Equipos Consultores and disclosed in the program Underlined (channel 10), the results show a distribution of preferences that reflects the opinion of Uruguayans at the present time.

According to the Equipos Consultores survey, if the national elections were held today, the broad front is positioned as the most voted party, with a 43% voting intention.

He is followed by National Party with 28% of potential voters, and the Colorado Party with 7%. For their part, the Cabildo Abierto, the Partido Independiente, the PERI and other parties obtained a smaller percentage of votes, each with a 2% voting intention. In addition, 5% of blank or annulled votes were registered, while 12% of those surveyed are still undecided.

The FA and the PC grow, while the PN fails to break its ceiling

«The Broad Front grows one point, the Colorado Party two, PERI appears with a 1% that it did not register the previous month, and the undecided and those who say they would vote blank or null decrease a little. All the changes mentioned are within the margin of error of the measurement”, highlighted the report by Equipos Consultores.

Additionally, the consultant remarked that “in the medium term, the April survey confirms the growth of broad front verified in the last semester, holding a level above 40%. In turn, it also shows stability within the government coalition, where the parties maintain their relative positions.

The company conducted the survey in person and by telephone between June 2 and 16: a total of 1,207 people over the age of 18, residing in towns throughout the country with more than 2,000 inhabitants, were consulted.

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