Afinan estrategias para brindar mayor atención a los privados de libertad

Strategies are refined to provide greater attention to those deprived of liberty

As part of the actions carried out by the national Government to strengthen the Penitentiary System in the country, this Monday, the Minister of People’s Power for the Penitentiary Service, V/A celsa bautistaheld a meeting with the high commissioner of the Movement for Peace and Life, Alexander (Mimou) Vargasto promote activities that benefit those deprived of liberty and promote the transformation of the new woman and man.

This was announced through the social network Twitter, @CelsaBautistaO, where the minister published a set of images of the meeting and assured that they seek to “establish a schedule of sports and recreational activities for the benefit of the population deprived of liberty who are found in the different penitentiary centers of the country”.

He also added that alliances will be made that “guarantee the healthy mind and body of the prison population as part of the process of social reintegration.”

For his part, the high commissioner of the Movement for Peace and Life, Alexander Vargas, stated that the objective is to “join efforts in favor of the new woman and man, as part of the socialist society that we are building together with the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro Morosfor peace, social stability and the guarantee of the human rights of the Venezuelan people.


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