Tatiana Clouthier leaves the Ministry of Economy

Tatiana Clouthier leaves the Ministry of Economy

The president specified that Tatiana Clouthier informed him of the decision to leave the title of Economy in a letter.

“Of course there are in the government, I have always said, different points of view. If I put in writing, if the other ministries put in writing their discrepancies, imagine the differences between Pemex and the Energy Secretariat, the differences between the Treasury and the Secretary of Energy, the differences between the Environment and Agriculture. Of course there are differences,” López Obrador commented on Tuesday.

Tatiana Clouthier arrived at the Ministry of Economy in 2021, instead of Graciela Márquez, who is now president of the Inegi Governing Board.

“There is nothing abrupt” assured Clouthier Carrillo about his resignation when leaving the National Palace. He reiterated that his departure from the unit had been known since September 26.

“Dear president, I take this note to thank you for the great opportunity you give me to participate with you in the fourth transformation,” said Tatiana Clouthier when reading the letter she sent to López Obrador.

“My opportunity to add him to the team is exhausted, I’m going to the club where I will follow the team with encouragement… to be one more that works for the country,” said Clouthier with a broken voice.

“I would like to say much more. However, the only thing that comes out of my mouth and my heart is: Thank you!”

López Obrador said Clouthier’s resignation is a personal matter.

“Tatiana is a woman with principles, upright and with criteria. If there were other reasons, she would have stated it (…) She already makes the reasons known. We love her very much, we respect her very much. Our adversaries are not going to settle for anything,” she added.

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