Tarcísio announces structure of secretariats for the next government of SP

Tarcísio announces structure of secretariats for the next government of SP

The governor-elect of São Paulo, Tarcísio de Freitas, announced today (21) the new structure of state government secretariats and the names that should occupy the portfolios from next year. The only secretariat that still does not have a defined name is that of Science and Technology. According to Freitas, the holder has already been chosen, but he still needs to be removed from the position he currently occupies.Tarcísio announces structure of secretariats for the next government of SP

The next government will have 23 secretariats, the same number as the current one. However, new folders were created and some current ones were merged or extinguished. Among the changes is the creation of the Urban Development and Housing Secretariat, which should manage, in addition to housing policy, the planning of metropolitan regions.

“The metropolitan region cannot be just a political and administrative arrangement, it has to effectively help us design public policies, especially those that interact, that talk to each other, as is the case of housing, transport and sanitation policy. Integrated planning is fundamental”, emphasized the governor-elect when explaining the functions of the new secretariat. The portfolio will be headed by Marcelo Cardinale Branco, who was once president of the State Housing and Urban Development Company (CDHU).

A Secretariat for Policies for Women was also created, which, as Freitas highlighted, was a campaign promise. The folder’s secretary will be Sonaira Fenandes, councilor of the city of São Paulo for the Republicans.

Among the names announced to occupy the command of state secretariats, five are women. Freitas said that despite having few women and black people in the top echelon of government, state public policies will focus on vulnerable groups. “You can’t look at the color of the secretariat, you have to look at the quality of public policy, that’s where inclusion lives”, she defended.

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To command the Basic Sanitation Company of the State of São Paulo (Sabesp), the elected governor says he is looking for a name capable of bringing an assessment of the possible benefits of privatizing the state company. “Profiles linked to privatization and the private sector in the area of ​​sanitation”, he emphasized.

According to Freitas, the state-owned sanitation company will be privatized if the studies indicate that the process will allow for a reduction in tariffs and universalization of treatment and water and sewage services.


Regarding the role that the vice-governor-elect, Felício Ramuth, will have in the future government, Freitas said that he should act in actions involving several departments, such as in Cracolândia, a region in the center of São Paulo known for its large homeless population and by drug consumption.

“The issue of Cracolândia involves the work of several departments, it is not a question of the police, it is not just a question of public health, it is not a question of housing, social assistance, it is a question of all of them”, he exemplified.


The names announced for the positions of secretary in the future government are:

  • Secretary of Health – Eleuses Paiva
  • Secretary of Education – Renato Feder
  • Secretary of Government and Institutional Relations – Gilberto Kassab
  • Civil House – Arthur Lima
  • Secretary of Environment, Infrastructure and Logistics – Natália Resende
  • Secretary of Public Security – Guilherme Derrite
  • Secretary of Penitentiary Administration – Marcello Streifinger
  • Secretary of Communication – Lais Vita
  • Secretary of Finance and Planning – Samuel Kinoshita
  • Secretary of Economic Development – Jorge Lima
  • Secretary of International Business – Lucas Ferraz
  • Investment Partnerships Secretariat – Rafael Benini
  • Secretariat for Management and Digital Government – Caio Paes de Andrade
  • Secretary of Tourism and Travel – Roberto de Lucena
  • Secretariat of Policies for Women – Sonaira Fernandes
  • Secretary of Justice and Citizenship – Fábio Prieto
  • Secretariat of Metropolitan Transport – Marco Assalve
  • Secretary of Urban Development and Housing – Marcelo Branco
  • Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy – Marília Marton
  • Secretary of Agriculture and Supply – Antônio Junqueira
  • Secretary of Social Development – ​​Gilberto Nascimento Júnior
  • Secretary of Sports – Helena Reis

In addition to these, the following names for key positions in the next government were also announced:

  • Special Secretariat for Strategic Projects – Guilherme Afif Domingos
  • Head of the representative office in Brasilia – José Vicente Santini
  • Extraordinary Secretariat of the Military House and Civil Defense (makes up the SSP) – Hengeel Pereira
  • DER Superintendence (makes up the Environment, Transport and Logistics Section) – Sérgio Henrique Codelo Nascimento
  • State Attorney General – Inês dos Santos Coimbra
  • Butantan Institute – Esper Kallás

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