Mosquito de la especie Aedes aegypti, que transmite los virus del dengue, zika y chikungunya. Foto: / Archivo.

Suspected cases of dengue increase by 35.5% in Cuba in one week

suspected cases of dengue They increased in Cuba by 35.5% in the last week of July compared to those reported the previous seven days, official sources reported this Wednesday.

The territories with the highest risk are Havana, the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud, Camagüey and the eastern provinces of Holguín and Guantánamo, reported the official newspaper GranmBased on a note from the Cuban Presidency.

In the meeting between the country’s president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, and experts who advise the Government, the Minister of Public Health (MINSAP) José Ángel Portal, did not specify the exact number of cases, but called everyone “to combat” to control mosquito-borne disease Aedes aegypti.

“In the same way, he spoke of organizing health services well, of avoiding crowds in polyclinics and hospitals, and of effectively assuming environmental sanitation,” the press release, quoted by the agency, refers to. EFE.

“At the end of week 30 (dated July 30), 11 provinces, 23 municipalities and 33 health areas reported dengue transmission,” added the source.

In the past week, the Minsap reported 4,776 reactive cases of dengue in the third week of July (17-23), more than the 3,036 registered until June.

The Minsap reported in early July that Cuba broke the record for dengue mosquito breeding points in 15 years for the second year and described the epidemiological scenario as “complex.”

Cuba: 71 municipalities considered “high risk” for dengue transmission

In a press conference on July 14, Portal clarified that the country is not yet “in the worst moment” and estimated that in the coming months the number of infected may rise due to the heat and the rains.

The independent press has revealed in recent weeks that several people, including minors, have died with a high fever. It has not been officially reported that all these deaths were due to dengue, although in some cases this has been confirmed as the cause.

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