‘Survivor, the island of celebrities’: competitors fight for individual immunity

The new leaders of Survivor, the island of celebrities, they had to go to the store to claim their prize, for having won the endurance test on March 30. Frederick bought two benefits for not leave the competition.

For his part, Tania Valencia she bought a blanket so she wouldn’t die of cold at night. In addition, it will look for a strategy to reach the final and earn the $500 million.

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Now the participants prepared for their first immunity test. First of all, each one is looking at how to save himself. Margarita Reyes said that she will not touch the women, therefore, she will vote first for the men.

They gave it their all in the arena, so they wouldn’t have to face a tribal council and get eliminated. When they met with Tatán Mejía, she explained what the test is about.

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They had to hold on to a rope on the edge of a platform and each time it leaned more. Therefore, they had to concentrate to pass this test. Whereby, They formed groups to fight and thus take out the best two and have a winner.

The first team to pass was white. There the famous gave everything of themselves not to fall. Eleider Álvarez was the first eliminated from the test, while his teammates struggled to resist more and more. However, the chapter will continue on April 3 to find out who is saved.

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