Operation "Whoever Falls Falls" reached the CVG

Pncc detained Pedro Maldonado in Bolívar

Agents of the National Police against Corruption (Pncc) arrested Pedro Rolando Maldonado Marín, president of the Venezuelan Corporation of Guayana (CVG), in Puerto Ordaz (Bolívar), according to judicial sources.

Along with Maldonado, they captured four CVG executives: Néstor Astudillo (president of Siderúrgica del Orinoco, Sidor), Felipe Santiago Contreras (vice president of the Iron and Steel sector), Edgar José Sánchez La Mantía (vice president of Strategic Planning and Marketing) and General Yulmer Rafael Ochoa Romero (head of security), according to the sources.

When the Pncc agents tried to locate Abel José Jiménez Piñero, president of the state-owned Ferrominera Orinoco, CA, he was not there.

It was planned that yesterday the detainees would be transferred to the headquarters of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) in El Helicoide, where the Pncc is based.

These people are allegedly involved in a scheme similar to the one detected with the placement of oil on the international market with no records and the currencies resulting from those negotiations, as has been discovered while the interrogations and
investigations are ongoing.

The Pncc released a statement yesterday informing that it proceeded with the second phase of the “special operation”Whoever that fails‘ in the CVG”.

Because of this, the Pncc requested the Prosecutor’s Office “the legal prosecution of a group of officials and businessmen who, violating the sacred oath of honesty and ethics, could be involved in serious acts of corruption”.

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