Betssy Chávez after adjectives by Patricia Chirinos: "She has not apologized to me"

Support grows to censor the Minister of Labor, Betssy Chávez

The plenary of will debate between today and tomorrow the motion of censure presented with the support of four benches against the Minister of Labor, “due to their lack of capacity and negligence in the management of the sector”.

The request for the removal of the also Democratic Peru legislator is on the legislative agenda, and requires the endorsement of a minimum of 66 congressmen. If approved, Chavez would have to immediately resign from office and the president would have to appoint his replacement.

So far, in addition to Fuerza Popular, Renovación Popular, Avanza País and Alianza para el Progreso, a majority group from Acción Popular would also be in favor of censorship and even, it transpired, a sector from Perú Libre, a group to which Chávez he slammed the door last January amid public discrepancies with its leader Vladimir Cerrón.

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“Tomorrow (today) we have a caucus meeting to define the issue, but the majority is in favor of voting for censorship. I personally believe that Chávez’s management has been negative for the sector in terms of general employment policy. I think she has to be censored, there is political responsibility on her part in the air traffic controllers’ strike. He has not made any pronouncement on the situation of the workers of Las Bambas or Cuajone; he has politicized the sector, he has not given a solution to the problems”referred to Peru21 the congressman for Popular Action, Luis Aragón.

His colleague Eduardo Salhuana, from Alianza para el Progreso, meanwhile, maintained that opinions are divided within the coinist bloc. However, he believed that Chavez has an ideological bias that has harmed the efficient management of the sector. “He has a one-sided look, for wanting to protect workers he has ended up harming them with regulations, for example, such as the one referring to outsourcing. His speech is not convening ”narrowed down

Legislator Roberto Chiabra, for his part, stated that the Minister of Labor must assume her responsibility for the “great damage it did to national tourism and the image of the country abroad” his decision to give the green light to the air traffic controllers’ strike at Easter.

He added that Chávez has “torpedoed” the sector with his inaction in the face of the problems of lack of employment or growing informality, and the application of anti-technical measures. “that frighten private companies by generating more uncertainty at a time when a greater number of jobs are required”he referred.


Chavez’s interpellation was approved on May 3. On that occasion, only the representatives of his caucus Democratic Peru and Free Peru opposed the procedure, with which today he maintains public differences.

If censured, Betssy Chávez would be the third minister of this government forced by Congress to leave office. Previously, the same fate was suffered by the heads of Education Carlos Gallardo and Health Hernán Condori.


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