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Intendance summons 5,000 companies that owe for garbage collection

The head of the Mayor’s Office, Federico Mora, informed in a press conference that more than 5,000 companies, among which are: shopping malls, hotels, supermarkets, service stations and restaurants, accumulate debts for garbage collection.

For a judicial matter, the names are not disclosed directly, but the list of cadastral accounts is published, which can be reviewed with the Cadastre Directorate to know the company name and identify them.

Some owe for five years, others for eight or 10. All have a period of 15 days to approach the Municipality of Asunción to request a refinancing. In total they owe 170,000 million guaraníes.

“We are going to be forced to suspend services, just as we did with public institutions. We maintain that it is unfair that other taxpayers are subsidizing businesses that are classified as large generators of garbage,” said Mayor Óscar Rodríguez.

The same method was implemented with ministries and state entities, with the difference that the term was 30 days. At that time, some came to request their account statements, others to request a refinancing, others to settle a part of the liability and others were not notified.

The entrance Intendance summons 5,000 companies that owe for garbage collection was first published in diary TODAY.

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