The 100 orchards that will make Agriculture and the Mayor's Office

The 100 orchards that will make Agriculture and the Mayor’s Office

The Santo Domingo East Mayor’s Office and the Ministry of Agriculture signed an agreement to install 100 orchards urban in private vacant lots, as well as patios of houses and unoccupied spaces belonging to the Mayor’s Office, distributed in the three constituencies.

The objective is to promote the creation of orchards urban areas using recyclable materials and thus take advantage of unused spaces and lots for the cultivation of vegetables and other foodstuffs such as vegetables, legumes, tubers and musaceae.

An evaluation of the land was carried out by agricultural technicians. Likewise, the project will include medicinal, aromatic and ornamental plants that are in great demand in the market. The project will be executed jointly with families, neighborhood associations and independent people, especially women (single mothers) and young people.

The agreement was signed by Mayor Manuel Jiménez and the Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz López. The Mayor’s Office will assume the commitment to organize community members for training, create mini markets, set up adequate spaces, promote cultivation on roofs, patios and other spaces, for which they will have the advice of the Ministry of Agriculturewhich will also put the seeds and technical components necessary for it.

The project also seeks to encourage interest in urban and semi-urban sectors of the Santo Domingo Este municipality, in the production of food fresh, varied and healthy, promoting in a special way the participation of women and young people. In excess of these products would be marketed at affordable prices.

The Mayor’s Office, through the Community Development Directorate, will carry out the identification and awareness of the beneficiary families, groups and institutions of the project. It will also identify and select the spaces as points of sale of the agricultural items produced in the orchards and will assign spaces in the municipal markets when products are available.

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