Superclassic of controversial shirt and superstitions

Superclassic of controversial shirt and superstitions

While the truth of the game is awaited, the biggest match in Argentine soccer delivers an unprecedented nuance. Beyond the ball and its performers, the decision to Mouth to face River in an official match with an alternative shirt, all for reasons more linked to superstition than to the mandates of logic. This Sunday, in a Monumental colmado, starting at 11 p.m. Spanish time, face to face will be the millionaires, with the traditional diagonal red band, and the xeneizes, with a yellow model this time…

River It has been taking advantage of everyone for a long time in Argentina. Boca has been trying to get close to him without success for a long time, still marked by the superclassic final of the Libertadores 2018 lost in Madrid.

Now one and the other have been strengthened according to their ambitions. However, in this special game, the team from Marcel Gallardo. Not only for results, for operation, for the sweet actuality of Julian Alvarez and Enzo Fernandezfor the flight that the daring Esequiel Barco begins to take.

The feeling is strengthened because it goes through various problems the construction of Sebastian Battagliabeyond having rescued in the last chapter a great victory as a visitor against the perfect pointer Students and with an interesting production. In that victory in La Plata, Boca suffered the Carlos Izquierdoz injury, his greatest defensive emblem. In addition, two of his most exciting additions, Oscar Romero and Dario Benedettosuffered muscle injuries. One of them, Pipa, still seems to be the starter. He will be seen if he shines fully.

Despite all the captivating edges of the game, the previous one was shaken by the shirt that Boca chose: a yellow one. He said Sebastian Battaglia: “Love it. She is very pretty. It says Yellow House on the back. I lived there for a long time, in Casa Amarilla… I really like the shirt. I also found out that Real Madrid and Barcelona are going to play with other shirts, but it’s a coincidence”.

Nobody believes Battaglia. There was no official voice to explain. Nor is it advertised as a marketing action. The tribute with the shirt for the 30 years of the foundation of the xeneize complex of Yellow house already fulfilled in silver. There is a double argument that supports superstitions. First, by cabal: Boca won the last game against Estudiantes with the yellow jersey. Second, on the advice of a shaman/seer/sorcerer, whatever you want to call it: the rumor is that Boca hired a healer to perform an energetic cleansing seeking to erase Madrid’s karma. And among the suggestions, almost an order from the mysterious man appeared: “Play with the yellow one.”

Marcelo Gallardo He tried to refer to the controversy seriously: “Everyone believes in what they believe. I’m not here to judge anyone. A few years ago I suggested always playing with the band, but I understand that sometimes you have to change because shirts are on sale, for marketing. We have played with the violet, but never in games of such importance”.

It’s clear. Before the game begins, one of the reasons why this game will be remembered is already known. Super classic.

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