Sunafil inspects 64 agro-export companies in Ica to verify working conditions

Sunafil inspects 64 agro-export companies in Ica to verify working conditions

The (Sunafil) supervises 64 agro-export companies in the Ica region, to verify the working conditions and the safety and health of around 18,000 workers, who are dedicated to planting and harvesting seasonal fruits.

The purpose is to train both workers and company representatives in labor formalization and occupational health and safety, in order to guarantee labor rights and minimum safety conditions.

“This new administration seeks to intensify the work of the superintendence at the national level, focusing on the regions where we have noticed a higher rate of problems. We are redoubling efforts, so that we can ensure social, labor and occupational health and safety regulations”said the superintendent, Jesús Baldeón.

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Whereabouts The Alamo

This morning, staff from the Regional Government of Ica provided guidance to agricultural workers who are concentrated in the whereabouts ‘El Álamo’, to combat labor breaches of services and labor informality in agro-industrial companies that includes sanitary measures for the COVID-19 prevention.

“Labor informality is a structural problem that requires integrated policies, but also coordinated work between all levels of the State. In this case, Sunafil has an articulating and multisectoral approach with the National Police, the Municipality of Ica, SUTRAN and the Public Ministry”added the official.


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