STF president sets Daniel Silveira's trial for April 20

STF president sets Daniel Silveira’s trial for April 20

The president of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Minister Luiz Fux, has set for April 20 the trial of the criminal action opened by the Court against federal deputy Daniel Silveira (União Brasil-RJ).STF president sets Daniel Silveira's trial for April 20

Last year, the congressman became a defendant for the practice of verbal attacks and threats to the ministers of the Supreme Court. With the decision, he became a defendant and will respond to criminal proceedings.

The choice of the date of the trial in plenary is another chapter in the arm wrestling between the deputy and the Supreme.

Yesterday (29), Minister Alexandre de Moraes again ordered Daniel Silveira to wear an electronic ankle bracelet. According to the decision, the measure must be carried out immediately by the Federal Police (PF), including on the premises of the Chamber of Deputies.

The congressman spent last night in his office, and the decision to put on the ankle bracelet has not yet been fulfilled.

The new decision in favor of monitoring was motivated by a request from the Attorney General’s Office (PGR). In a statement sent to the STF, sub-prosecutor Lindôra Araújo argued that Silveira continues to present “criminal behavior” by proffering, in public, “numerous offenses” against ministers of the Supreme Court and the court itself.

Last week, Moraes had determined the return of electronic monitoring, but the Federal Police and the Secretary of Penitentiary Administration of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Seap) were unable to comply with the measure.

Silveira was even arrested in the act in February 2021, within the scope of an inquiry that investigates the performance of acts against democratic institutions, after having released videos with threats to ministers of the Supreme Court. He later became a defendant in the same lawsuit.

The preventive detention was later converted to house arrest, but he ended up returning to prison in June, by Moraes’ decision, after having violated electronic monitoring at least 22 times.


Yesterday, during a speech in the Chamber’s tribune, the deputy questioned the legality of Moraes’ decision and argued that, as a parliamentarian, he cannot be the target of the measure. According to him, Moraes’ decision needs to be voted on and approved by the House to be effective. “Alexandre de Moraes’ order will not be complied with until the House deliberates. It is the deputies who decide this,” he said.

This morning, the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira, released a note in which he defended, at the same time, the compliance with judicial decisions and the inviolability of the premises of the Chamber.

“Judicial decisions must be complied with and the inviolability of the Casa do Povo must be preserved. Sacred during the sessions, it also has a symbolic dimension in the democratic order. from this decision – the broader one of our Superior Court”, he declared.

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