Stan Canova; “Laws need to be updated”

Last Friday, September 2, the Patria Querida (PPQ) party officially presented all its candidates for the Senate. Among them is the financial analyst Stan Canova.

The consultant affirms that he wanted to move from analyzes published in the media to lead the changes for the country with his own actions. Something that can only be done from the National Congress.

How did you take that step in politics?

I have been collaborating for some time making constructive criticism of issues that I consider to be wrong. If the press is responsible, more than 90% of the complaints end up in the Judiciary. I want to go further, I want to enter the field, present projects that precisely look for the shortcomings they have, the incomplete laws, which must be updated.

What will be your lines of work?

I propose five to six axes. The first thing will be to modernize the outdated laws, I do not want to use the word reform because it is very aggressive. Laws of the 60’s that are not used. The second thing is that there are gaps, to make it understandable, the gaps are detrimental and some interpret as they see fit. The third and fourth axis are public purchases, it is something that I always criticized. The whole structure allows overcharged purchases, it is about managing public money. I also want to see, whether elected or not, the organic charters of the institutions to know which ones need to be modernized, the IPS needs an organic charter. There are things that should be added and modernized. The fifth is to work with the vulnerable population. It is not just about giving symbolic money. But to turn the person into someone economically active. Enter a circuit to stop depending on others so as not to become an element of electoral manipulation. Another axis will be the control of public spending and work on the retirement system. It is not fair, we have a type of professionals who retire at a certain age and others are different. They are not equitable, supervision should be given for good.

What was the turning point to jump into the political arena?

I am already 42 years old and I am also a teacher, it is time to say that I have a certain maturity to enter a demanding world. You have to leave several things to dedicate yourself to this. It is a world where many interests are managed, I am going to win many contrary people. Any position you can take will always be critical. Someone who enters the Senate will not be able to do much, he will need half to be able to do things. Diplomacy will have to be created. Mutual respect between parties.

Why beloved homeland?

We think about the traditional games, but maybe this is not the time because of what is happening in both games. Both red and blue. In the liberals we see a leader who is not participative. A person that he wants to decide clearly. In the reds we see that the two scenarios do not have calm environments. They fight internal wars. I chose Patria Querida because it also weighs. Also because of the quality of the people who make it up, they are not interested in being the new rich. Nor do we want to enter to create a satellite company as a supplier to the State.

Who is Stan Canova?

I am a common citizen. I like teaching, studying, I went through four houses of studies. I am a person who wants to leave a legacy, I consider myself a good professional, a good family man and a family person. The time I can spend with my family is scarce because I spend time at universities. I consider myself a patriot, I always try to present the country in a solid way. I also want to do great things. I want to have the opportunity to enter the field. Try to dismiss the messianism model, all that political folklore, change that style and let people stop consuming that.

Why should citizens vote for Stan Canova?

I don’t want to do self-promotion, I want to invite people. There are many good candidates. I invite people not to vote for fanaticism, not to vote for “hurrerismo”, but to vote for people who are convinced of helping citizens. The power to modify what is wrong is the function of the legislator. I want to convey the message of the conscious vote. Not conforming to populism, not because he appears in a photo with a super humble person, does not mean that he is a good candidate. I am a person who is going to be very committed to the work that he is going to have, always with great respect, with great seriousness, asking please to end the show and the farandulería. If I don’t arrive the same way, I’ll still be the same person.


Full name: Stanley Gould Canova.

Place of birth: Assumption

Date of Birth: July 25, 1980 (42).

Place of studies: (Primary Studies) Mountain View Elementary USA and Martin L. King Elementary USA (Secondary Studies) Dante Alighieri from Asunción. (Tertiary Studies) UAA Law. Postgraduate; UCA: University Didactics, UNA – UBA: MBA Specialization in Finance. Strategic leadership at IAEE. Columbia University Georgetown University: Specialization in Governance, Political Management & Public Management.

Family: He has a girlfriend, and a son named Alessandro.

Positions held in the public function: Advisor to legislators and ministries.

Hobbies: Cinema, going out to dinner with the family and exercising.

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