sport and humility

sport and humility

Inaki Fernandez Bogado

Humility is the knowledge of one’s own limitations and weaknesses and in acting in accordance with this knowledge. One of the lessons that Jesus, who had his birthday a few hours ago, is to put into practice and always be humble.

Today sport, another of the human exercises that serves not only to look good but above all to enjoy good health, was highlighted with the World Cup in Qatar where Argentina has once again been crowned world champion.

And let’s hope that this human value is the one that shines in a country where arrogance is more common than its opposite. Another World Cup has concluded and talk is beginning of another sporting event that also paralyzes the world, it is about the games Olympic Games that are scheduled to take place in the city of Paris in the year 2024.

In sport, how in art and other human fields that involve exposure, we witness attitudes that can serve to build or destroy what we all like to see.

Now, in relation to the Olympic games, the story of Erwan Konaté, a French athlete who specializes in the long jump, stands out. He is a two-time under 20 long jump world champion who will represent his country in the next Olympic games.

Now he is a prominent figure in the French media outlet Le Monde, which in a headline highlights a response made by Konate that says; that he’s just “a guy who runs and jumps in the sand.”

This is how a man is described who has managed to jump no more and no less than approximately 1.80 meters and thus position himself as a great reference in this sport, but what stands out the most is the attitude of this athlete, his quality of humility, especially in the answers made in your interview.

The value of gestures
If one takes the sport seriously, he commits himself to his team, followers and responsibility as an athlete, being humble, he has already achieved a large part of the recognitions that can be given to him in his life if he is a winner in tests, tournaments or whatever he has as a challenge. or test in his sports career, the same one that is expected, must also above all be free of drugs, abuse, controversies with other political personalities or other human work areas. The gestures of the Argentine goalkeeper with the best goalkeeper trophy is certainly not a gesture of humility but of arrogance and that has led the French minister to ask that he be sanctioned for the provocative gesture of placing the trophy on him as a phallic sign exposed towards the French fans quoted in Doha.

Gestures of humility must be integrated to together achieve the goal of every country on a globalized planet; distinguish themselves among the rest of the nations that seek recognition in their work. One that will have much more value if pride, discouragement, lack of dedication and everything that does not help are put aside and replaced by the discipline, routine, concentration and focus that are part of the attitude of any athlete who is in the big leagues of his sport and life. It is important to project these values ​​from the icons of the sport so that they serve as an example to imitate for many.

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