Congress approves suspension for 120 days to Pasión Dávila for shameful aggression against Juan Burgos

Congress approves suspension for 120 days to Pasión Dávila for shameful aggression against Juan Burgos

The approved this Wednesday to suspend the parliamentarian from his functions for 120 days, after the cowardly attack on his colleague, Juan Burgos, in the chamber, an attack that was captured on camera on December 11.

This measure was approved with 62 votes in favor, 38 against and 6 abstentions.

It should be remembered that, on December 11, after a brief suspension of the plenary session of Congress, Pasión Dávila crossed the chamber to attack the ungrouped congressman Juan Burgos from behind, whom he struck in the face.

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After that, he cowardly walked towards his seat, while Burgos tried to catch up with him, but was stopped before doing so.

“In the face of the cowardly attack by the terrorist congressman Pasión Dávila and those around him, they only seek chaos and anarchy, scaring marches in the streets and defending a corrupt and dictator like Pedro Castillo,” Juan Burgos wrote at that time on his Twitter account.

After that, Burgos denounced his colleague before the Ethics Commission for having physically assaulted him and requested that he be suspended for 120 days.

“It was a blow, I did not go to attack him”

Parliamentarian Juan Burgos and victim of the coup asked the Congressional Ethics Commission to suspend Pasión Dávila for 120 days, who said that he will assume the decision of the working group.

We were outraged and it was a blow, a blow and nothing more, I did not go to attack him. One hit, that’s all, and then I didn’t want to and that’s where it ended and if that’s why you have to go to the Ethics Commission, that’s fine, I’ll assume it, I’m not going to refuse, I accept it because it was a very difficult time. If it had stopped that day [el Pleno] we would not have found close to 30 dead today,” he said.


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