Eight-year-old Nicaraguan boy drowned in the Rio Grande

Eight-year-old Nicaraguan boy drowned in the Rio Grande

An eight-year-old boy, originally from Nicaragua, died a victim of hypothermia and suffocation by submersion, when he tried to cross the Rio Grande with his parents, as reported by the media Plinth.

It was known that the body of the child was dragged by the current. After several minutes of searching, his body was located by immigration agents, with the support of the Fire Department.

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Sheriff Tom Schmerber, a member of the border patrol, reported that the minor was part of a group of migrants who crossed on Saturday, December 24, near the international bridge number 2 in Eagle Pass, Texas.

According to the information provided by the sheriff – the outlet details – “the victim – whose name is unknown – was apparently accompanied by his parents, who along with the rest of the undocumented immigrants, were captured when they stepped on American soil.”

A baby and a child are the latest victims of the Rio Grande in the US.

Plinth He added that the authorities reported the death “to the nearest Nicaraguan embassy so that the necessary procedures can be carried out through its protection area.”

Rising list of victims

The minor joins the list of other children who have perished by submersion. On August 22, a four-month-old baby, originally from the 30 de Mayo neighborhood in Managua, was dragged along with his three-year-old brother by the currents of the Rio Grande, while they were trying to cross with their mother and uncle.

The baby died at dawn on Friday, September 30, after being admitted to the hospital in San Antonio Texas, United States, after suffering from pneumonia, as confirmed to the newspaper La Prensa, the father of the minors, Noel Antonio Oviedo.

Little brother of a Nicaraguan boy who drowned in the Rio Grande dies
Little brother of a Nicaraguan boy who drowned in the Rio Grande dies

The US Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP) reported in November a total of 32,195 Nicaraguans who entered US territory.

It was recently learned that the United States could limit the entry of people from Nicaragua, Cuba and Haiti, who request asylum in the North American country. This measure was implemented a few months ago for Venezuelan migrants, which turned out to be a “success”, according to the authorities, in stopping mass migration.

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The Miami Herald newspaper revealed that a final decision on the application of that regulation has not yet been made. However, the authorities are evaluating other options to stop the migration that has intensified in recent months, but they would be similar to those applied a few months ago to Venezuelans entering the border with Mexico.

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