Spain: Ayuso hid millionaire payments to a Venezuelan businessman

Spain: Ayuso hid millionaire payments to a Venezuelan businessman

Recently the Spanish press reviewed the scandal that arose around irregular contracts made by the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, which include millionaire payments to a Venezuelan businessman linked to the extremist opposition.

This episode caused an earthquake within the ranks of the Spanish Popular Party (PP) due to the evidence that emerged around direct awards made by the Community of Madrid under the argument of the health emergency caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

According to the documents revealed by the Spanish press, relatives and relatives of Ayuso were the great beneficiaries of this process that dismissed the public tender and the free concurrence of companies for the award of these millionaire contracts for the acquisition of health supplies.

Roger Swidorowicz

Roger Swidorowicz

Within the list of beneficiaries of these irregular hirings, where names such as his brother Tomás Díaz Ayuso appear, is the Venezuelan Roger Swidorowicz; owner of the Sigma Dental company that would have benefited from contracts totaling 38.7 million euros for the acquisition of masks and personal protection elements.

The irregularity of the official’s operation was to adjudicate in the documentation that this payment had been made to a Spanish company of the same name, in an effort to hide this millionaire disbursement from the Venezuelan Swidorowicz, who has fully identified himself as an opposition militant. Venezuelan, strong ally of the Spanish PP.

“Sigma Dental next to which a CIF of those assigned to Spanish limited companies was noted: a CIF or NIF whose number differed only in one digit from the one that actually belongs to Sigma Dental SL, based in Granada. Those 38.7 million for masks and personal protection elements, as well as the air transport of part of the material, had as its real recipient a company with the identical name but owned by a Venezuelan businessman who, according to what published two years ago, maintains ties with members of the opposition to the regime of Nicolás Maduro and that is registered in the registry of Florida (USA)”, was the revelation made by the portal where they detail the scope of the relationship between Ayuso and Swidorowicz.

“Those five contracts, which were not repeated in 2021, placed Venezuelan Roger Swidorowicz’s Sigma Dental as the second recipient of funds for emergency contracts in a list of 1,253 companies,” they explain.

Who is Roger Swidorowicz?

This Venezuelan businessman owns several companies, being Sigma Dental the best known for having offices in Venezuela and the United States.

In addition, Swidorowicz is noted for owning several offshore companies in Panama, and in Spain he is the agent of the real estate company Cesky Investments SL in which he shares the leadership with Carolina Odette Pérez Recao, sister of Isaac Pérez Recao, a character remembered for his active participation in the coup of State gestated against the then President Hugo Chávez on April 11, 2002.

Spain: Ayuso hid millionaire payments to a Venezuelan businessman
Pedro Carmoina Estanga from the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense in Venezuela together with Isaac Pérez Recao, 03/11/02

It was in the house of the brother of Roger Swidorowicz’s partner, where an arsenal was found, which was part of the park used by mercenaries in the operation to overthrow the Venezuelan president.

Ayuso expresses anti-Chavista

These irregular contracts by Ayuso towards Swidorowicz have set off alarms in Venezuela on suspicion of financing destabilizing activities, due to the public and manifest position that the president of the Community of Madrid maintains against the Venezuelan Government.

“I appeal to all good citizens to this afternoon go to Puerta del Sol and stand with the Venezuelan people in the legitimate defense of freedom. I believe that the Government of Spain has abandoned this flag from the beginning and Spain should be the head in this and lead the defense of freedom and recognition of the new president in the European Union”, was the statement made by Ayuso on March 6, 2019 in support of the self-proclaimed Juan Guaidó.

Likewise, following the line of the PP that during the management of Mariano Rajoy was propped up as the main promoter of the policy of sanctions applied against Venezuela, Ayuso has been opposed to dialogue and in favor of an unconstitutional solution.

“There is nothing to talk about with a drug dictator”, have been some of the expressions of the president of the Community of Madrid who has described Leopoldo López as a “fighter for freedom”.

This history of links with the Venezuelan extremist opposition and Swidorowicz’s refusal to offer explanations about this fact that has highlighted a new crisis within the PP, open a new episode in Spanish politics that continues to be dotted with corruption and Illegal financing of destabilizing activities against governments that are not ideologically related to the right of the Iberian country that tends towards Francoist extremism in alliance with Vox.

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