Compartamos Banco seeks to give loans to millennial women

Compartamos Banco seeks to give loans to millennial women

“In an inflationary environment like the one we are experiencing, the cost of the goods and services that our clients acquire tend to cost more and more and that is why clients usually need larger amounts,” said Diez Bonilla.

The bank, which is dedicated to giving loans to the population neglected by traditional banks, expects a growth of between 13% and 15% in its loan portfolio. This growth will also be favored by the weakness shown by formal employment in the country.

The bank’s outlook is backed by Intercam analysts, who have said that Gentera, the parent company of Compartamos Banco, has consistently overcome the pressures imposed by the health crisis and is back on the path of growth and profitability derived from the fundamental characteristics of its target market.

“What we are going to see going forward is that the credit portfolio will not only grow because of the new clients that we serve, but also because the tickets of recurring clients and their needs for more credit are going to make our portfolio have two growth paths towards ahead,” added Diez Bonilla.

The manager said that in the last two years he has seen changes in the business model thanks to technology, since his clients demand digital services. The bank has more than 200,000 users of the digital platform.

“What we see is that digital adoption will be increasing. Customers, for various reasons, will migrate from the typical use of monetary transactions in cash and will migrate to digital media for their convenience and for their security,” he said.



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