SP: 90% of the adult population completed the vaccination schedule against covid -19

SP: 90% of the adult population completed the vaccination schedule against covid -19

The state government of São Paulo announced today (10) that 90% of the state’s adult population has completed the covid-19 vaccine scheme and that it has the highest coverage in Brazil. The updated numbers of the Vacinometer show more than 73.9 million doses applied throughout the state. In total, 37.7 million are applied as the first dose, 31.7 million as the second, 1.7 million in a single dose and 3.3 million additional doses.SP: 90% of the adult population completed the vaccination schedule against covid -19

Considering the entire population, 32.9 million (71%) have already received two doses or a single dose, and 84% have taken at least one dose. In comparative terms, it has already vaccinated more than countries like Germany, United Kingdom, Israel, United States, Argentina, in addition to the European Union, according to data from the website Our World in Data.

“SP is the first state in Brazil to reach 90% of the adult population fully vaccinated against covid-19. A historic record. The concrete result of this collective effort, which made São Paulo a world reference in vaccination, was the 93% drop in deaths from covid-19 between April and November 2021 and the 10-fold reduction in the number of hospitalized for the disease, from 31 1,000 at the peak of the second wave in April this year to less than 3,000 now in November”, said Governor João Doria.

According to information from the state government, there are still 5.4 million people to be vaccinated with the second dose, including 931,000 with Coronavac, 1.4 million with Astrazeneca and 3 million with Pfizer. Among those who most need to be vaccinated with the second dose are teenagers between 12 and 17 years old. Only 27% of this population completed the vaccination schedule, and 96% of adolescents have already taken at least one dose of the vaccine. This entire audience has already surpassed the eight week interval between doses.

The third phase of the application of the additional dose is scheduled for the period between the 17th and 30th of November. Everyone over 60 years old and health workers who took the second dose at least six months ago can be vaccinated, that is, throughout the month of May 2020. At this stage, about 1.1 million people will receive the vaccine in 645 municipalities in the state.

case balance

According to the state government, 86% of the state’s municipalities, which is equivalent to 553 city halls, did not register deaths by covid-19 in the last week. The numbers have been dropping over the past two weeks. There were no records of new deaths in 497 cities between October 28 and November 10, that is, in 77% of the municipalities.

Last Monday (8), the state of São Paulo did not record any deaths by covid-19. Since the first death from the coronavirus was recorded in the state in March 2020, this was the first day that there was no record of deaths.

According to the government, São Paulo registers to date 4,415,745 cases and 152,538 deaths by covid-19. Among the total number of cases, 4,246,199 had the disease and are now recovered, with 456,583 were hospitalized and discharged. There are 2,948 hospitalized patients across the country, 1,293 in ICUs (Intensive Care Units) and 1,655 in the ward. The occupancy rate of ICU beds in the state this Wednesday is 23.96%.

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