AIRD says it will support the government’s measures against the crisis in Haiti

Executive Vice President of AIRD, Circe Almánzar. Johnny rotestand

The executive vice president of the Association of Industries of the Dominican Republic (AIRD) said yesterday that this sector is willing to support the decisions of the Dominican government taken in the context of the security crisis and instability in Haiti, although some of these measures have repercussions on bilateral trade.
“We maintain our full support for the measures taken by the Government, especially border control. If it is necessary to take measures that affect trade, but to try to save or avoid risk to the Dominican population, we are willing to support, ”said Circe Almánzar.

In his words, the most important thing is the security of the Dominicans and of everyone who lives on the border between the two countries.

When approached by journalists prior to their participation in the preparatory activity for the “Ibero-American Business Meeting”, the representative of the industrial sector warned that although so far there are no significant losses, they could be felt later.

“There are some risks that could happen, but trade as such has not had repercussions, but it could have and we have to be aware that there are companies that depend a lot on trade from the Dominican Republic and Haiti. There are companies that export jointly and the supply of Haitians depends a lot on the Dominican Republic ”, he said. Regarding the security of the personnel at the border, he said that the entity has been monitoring the situation and that according to the information they have, no alarm episodes have been generated for people who work in Dominican companies there. “Yes, there are precautions. The same goods that arrive there are being located above all by the Haitian transporters themselves, ”he said.

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