Solidaridad en la tragedia: empresas del Tolima unidas por los emprendedores quebrados del Festival Jamming

Solidarity in the tragedy: Tolima companies united by the bankrupt entrepreneurs of the Jamming Festival

The city of Ibagué was prepared for the entire weekend with its merchants, businessmen, entrepreneurs and even street vendors, many of whom even planned to travel from other areas of the country and made large loans to supply their businesses.

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The disaster caused by the cancellation of the Jamming Festival is not a minor episode, the list of those affected and the economic losses are really great for the city of Ibagué and the department of Tolima.

The realization of this event was not something minor, since it meant an economic respite for one of the regions with the highest rate of unemployment in the country.

However, everything fell apart.

bankrupt entrepreneurs

For the Jamming Festival not only people from Ibagué would go, but from many cities in Colombia and from countries like Ecuador, Peru and others.

Of these great part had already arrived in the city.

The poster of artist, innovation and the history that the event already brought from its previous versions seemed to be the currency of trust that was had.

But the silence of the organizers towards the authorities, bands that were going to perform, logistics personnel, assistants and entrepreneurs who hoped to sell their products at the festival began to foresee the worst.

Many even denounced that since Thursday night they saw how “event organizers and their combo returned from the night in silence to Bogotá”:

It is estimated that the list of businessmen, entrepreneurs and street vendors affected or who ended up bankrupt due to the cancellation or supposed postponement exceeds 500.

Billions of pesos lost.

Many had to make large loans to banks or individuals to stock their businesses and market their products at the event. But now they don’t know what to do. They are bankrupt and no one responds.

At least 50 thousand people were expected every day:

It was an important economic movement not only for this city of Tolima, but for vendors who traveled and were going to travel from all over the country.

There were public order problems due to protests outside Casa Babylon, one of the ticket sales sites for the event in Bogotá.

In Ibagué and Tolima they come together to help those affected

In the midst of the tragedy there have been many voices of solidarity that have come together with a single purpose, to give a hand to those who need it most at this time.

Through networks Social groups have been able to share the complex experience and current situation that they live due to what happened.

The list of those affected is really long, as well as the resources that everyone had to borrow in order to prepare their products.

Taking this situation into account, several companies, enterprises and activities have been appearing with the purpose of helping those who were left with everything prepared for Jamming.

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