Social Media Day Oops 2022 is here

Millionaire Games, this is the title of the eighth edition of the Socia Media Day Uy which will take place next Wednesday, March 30, from 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., simultaneously in person at the Telecommunications Tower, and in streaming on social networks. In addition, it will be broadcast on Vera tv.

It is the largest Social Media event in the country that after two years of pause, due to the pandemic, returns to the ring and focuses on the latest digital trends – NFTs, metaverses, innovation, cryptocurrencies – which today echo in the world of art, communication, culture, design, video games, science and even international politics, hand in hand with renowned and very various speakers, national and regional.

Digital works that are worth millions of dollars, memes that are coins, people that are avatars, Facebook that proposes a paradigm shift and becomes a “Meta” taking the social network “beyond”. The 2022 proposal emphasizes how the power of technology has turned recreation into markets and entertainment into a thousand businesses.

According to Mag. Sabrina Bianchi, teaching secretary of the Postgraduate School and Professional Updating of the Faculty of Communication and Design of ORT Uruguay University, “When we began to organize this event in the country almost a decade ago, we celebrated ´the digital revolution around social media´, highlighting global socialization, the multiplicity of voices, the democratization of content and its potential impacts. Today the scenario of the virtual economy multiplied the opportunities in the face of new emerging business models, which challenge us like never before in history”.

One more time, Social Media Day invites reflection, exchange, questioning and questioning each other as a key part of this digital revolution. This free, online and face-to-face event with limited seats, is enhanced thanks to virtuality, expanding its reach to other audiences, both in Uruguay and abroad. To participate, register through the event website:

Millionaire Games, various voices

In the era where we are all measuring ourselves, seven speakers invite the public to debate, awaken their critical spirit and form their own opinions.

Tano Bevacqua CEO and founder of MUSURE world: Metaverse: the next generation of social networks.

Victoria Gadeapolitical scientist and political consultant specializing in communication: From territory to deepfakethe new tools in political communication.

John Ciappesonidirector of The Electric Factory and vice president of innovation for the Chamber
Information Technology Uruguayan (CUTI): Global innovation in 15 minutes
Juan Grunwaldt, entrepreneur and developer of the Ñeripeso: Everything you want (and not
wants) to know about the ñeripeso.

Deborah Swedzkico-founder of the ZYX Virtual Society and Pharmaceutical Chemist: The Metaverse,
New ways of doing the usual?

Joan Czwaik disseminator specialized in emerging technologies and society: Welcome
to the era of (non)leisure.

Lujan Oultoncultural producer and curator, specialized in video games and ORT teacher:
Museums and video games, on and off the screen.

For its part, Gabriel Gurmendezpresident of Antel, together with Eduardo Hipogrosso, dean of the Faculty of Communication and Design of ORT, will be in charge of opening and welcoming the event.

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