Inversión social de la cooperativa de Aduanas superó RD$ 63 millones en 2020

Social investment of the Customs cooperative exceeded RD $ 63 million in 2020

The support of the authorities of the General Directorate of Customs has been essential for the execution of these projects that benefited more than 4,900 people, said Lisandro Muñoz, president of the institution

As part of its existential nature the National Cooperative of Multiple Services of Customs Employees, (Coopsema), developed a series of social contribution programs for the benefit of its associates during 2020, reaching a significant number of partners, their families and the community in general.

These are nine social initiatives for training, health, financial services, funerals, recreational activities, housing, food, home and vehicles, environmental protection, donations and community support, including the tough fight against Covid19.

The president of Coopsema, Lisandro Muñoz, valued as positive the opening and support of the new customs authorities in order to guarantee the strength of the cooperative, “this would not have been possible without the support of the administrator of the General Directorate of CustomsThank you very much Mr. Director ”.

Dispatch in 24 hours is bearing very good results

Only in what has to do with the combat of the pandemic, the solidarity entity invested 9 million 459 thousand, 903 pesos impacting some 2,079 people with the delivery of masks and hygiene materials for the prevention of the disease.

Likewise, it invested 5 million 900 thousand 407 pesos in education that benefited a total of 637 partners with educational plans; an amount of 22 million 3,155. 486 partners were assisted with loans for social purposes.

In addition, the institution that had recently celebrated its 37th anniversary carried out a investment of about 25 million 996 thousand 510 pesos and 50 cents, in recreational activities, repair and construction of houses, support for food, the home, automobiles, protection of the environment and support for the community, benefiting around 3,350 people.

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