Soboce produces environmentally friendly cements

Soboce produces environmentally friendly cements

In the last four years underhand has made important investments that reach more than US$100 million in the modernization of its Plants in La Paz and Santa Cruz to produce environmentally friendly cements.

The investments made in these modernizations have made it possible to achieve a sustained reduction in emissions, energy efficiency and efficiency in the use of natural resources.

State-of-the-art equipment and environmental control systems were installed, the new production process takes advantage of the maximum potential of raw materials and energy, whose consumption is reduced by 30% compared to other plants of the industry.

Equipment and structures were implemented for the collection and reinsertion into the process of all the dust generated during production and also, for the recirculation and recovery of the water required for the process.

Closed warehouses for raw materials and finished products were installed, in addition to automatic and encapsulated systems transport of materials, eliminating the emission of dust and particles into the environment.

Soboce produces environmentally friendly cements

The new cements underhand They are manufactured with a new grinding system that is highly energy efficient. These new mills are capable of producing high-addition cements that use less clinker and therefore have a lower carbon footprint than lower-addition Portland cements.

The new Warnes cement eco friendly It is manufactured in conditions where the electrical substation was repowered and the implementation of the natural gas connection was achieved for the treatment of wet material.

Soboce produces environmentally friendly cements

Juan Mario Ríos is the General Manager of the company

“We work hard to consolidate our production centers with the best technology to have a high-quality cement, optimal resistance and eco friendly”, explained Juan Mario Ríos, General Manager of Soboce SA

The modernization projects of the Plant of Cement Warnes Y Viacha Cement They consisted of the design, construction of infrastructure and commissioning of the following systems:

– New grinding system with a vertical mill from the German company Gebr Pfeiffer.

– Automatic bagging and palletized dispatch system from the company Claudius Peters, also from Germany.

– New systems for feeding, transporting and storing raw materials.

The recognized quality of Soboce cements improve due to high technology with which they are produced, cements with greater resistance and better setting and durability characteristics, among other advantages.

Soboce produces environmentally friendly cements


This 2022, Soboce celebrates 97 years of productive workbeing the company with the greatest experience in the cement industry in Bolivia.

In 2022, the Warnes Cement Plant celebrates 27 years producing Warnes cementthe cement of the Cruceños, with which it is present in the development of eastern Bolivia.

Soboce has had environmental management programs for more than 10 years that contribute to a low-carbon economy to prevent pollution.

Soboce produces environmentally friendly cements

Members of Cainco visited the plant

Learn a little more about Soboce:

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