Headquarters reports six new infections of Covid-19 in Santa Cruz

Sixth wave: six out of 10 people test positive for Covid-19

December 16, 2022, 12:35 PM

December 16, 2022, 12:35 PM

The new subvariant of Ómicron that circulates in the department of Santa Cruz, and that the sixth wave of Covid-19 has generated, is the most contagious of allThis is confirmed by the health professionals, in charge of the nasal antigen tests in the mass points of the city. Proof of this is that six out of 10 patients who come for the test test positive for the disease.

In a tour carried out by EL DEBER It was possible to verify that on the third day of attention at the point installed in the Plaza del Estudiante, the attendance is massive. Unlike the first and second days, this Friday there were dozens of people waiting their turn to access the diagnosis through the nasal antigen.

The person in charge of this point, Mercedes Miranda, assured thate on Wednesday they served 105 people, on Thursday it rose to 180 and given the attendance of this day, Friday, the amount will be much higher.

Miranda stated that the degree of positivity at this point is up to 60%; that is, 6 out of 10 people test positive for covid-19.

For these patients, a basic treatment kit is already ready, with which they go home to remain in isolation.

“In my family environment they tested two positives, that’s why we decided to get the whole family tested.“, assured a mother of a family, who attended with her four children.

Others assured that they were tested as a precaution and also for travel reasons.

Santa Cruz is going through the sixth wave of coronavirus. Nearly 2,000 infections are reported daily throughout the departmentaccording to the health authorities.

That is why they asked the population to go not only to the mass diagnosis points; but also comply with the complete vaccination scheme and abide by the established biosecurity measures.

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