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Alberto Fernandez: "We want health to reach the entire country equally"

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Alberto Fernandez: "We want health to reach the entire country equally"

“Federalism is not declared, it must be done,” said Alberto Fernández / Photo: TW @alferdez.

The President Alberto Fernandez He defended the idea of ​​the “present State” with a “deep federal vision” and said that his Government wants “health to reach the entire country” without differences.

The head of state used the social network Twitter this Friday morning to highlight the inauguration of the Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Center “Presidente Dr. Néstor Kirchner” which took place on Thursday night in the province of Formosa and, which he described as a “milestone in public health” in that province.

“Thank you Gildo Insfran and all of Formosa for the wonderful meeting yesterday. Federalism is not declared, it must be done. And true federalism will happen the day that everyone can grow, develop and die after having enjoyed their life in the place where where he was born,” the president posted on his account today.

In this context, he indicated that “it is a source of pride that our Norte Grande has a hospital like this to give peace of mind to our people”, regarding the care center where “more than 100 people are treated with highly trained professionals and the most advanced technology in the homeland “.

In the same sense, the President explained that in that place “will provide comprehensive care to cancer patients, radiotherapy, diagnostic imaging and more, with 95% of personnel from Formosa“.

“Fate made this work, like so many others, thought by Néstor, started by Cristina and then paralyzed for four years. That shows what we believe in: in a present State. With a deep federal vision, we want health reaches the entire country equally,” he said.

Finally, he added: “While we begin the 40th year of uninterrupted democracy, let us encourage ourselves to build a true strategic policy of egalitarian development for all of our Great North.”

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