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Sixth Banco Fassil executive accused of financial crimes falls

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Sixth Banco Fassil executive accused of financial crimes falls

June 8, 2023, 4:00 AM

June 8, 2023, 4:00 AM

Within the scope of the investigations that the Public Prosecutor is facing in relation to the million-dollar loans irregularly granted by the intervened Banco Fassil, the prosecutors investigating the alleged commission of financial crimes ordered the arrest of Martín W., former vice president of the bank , as a consequence, according to the Financial System Supervision Authority (ASFI), of “irregular management and bad practices” of its executives and directors.

Julio César Porras, who heads this investigation, said that with Martín W. there are already six former executives arrested. Before, a criminal investigation court in Santa Cruz ordered the arrest in the Palmasola prison of Juan Ricardo MO, Hernán SV, Jorge Arturo CV, Hermes Hugo SC and Patricia PS. These last five high executives of Fassil are accused of having participated in the approval of loans for up to Bs 900,000 to an 18-year-old girl who had a payment capacity of Bs 60,000 (linked loans).

Regarding the arrest of Martín W., Porras explained that he accepted his right to remain silent, but that the prosecutors’ commission observed some documents presented by the defense that did not undermine the risk of escape and obstruction of the investigation of the truth. He indicated that today they will present the formal accusation for a judge to impose precautionary measures. In the investigation of financial crimes, until last week, according to Porras, the Prosecutor’s Office took statements from more than 40 executives, managers, assistant managers and business managers as witnesses and accused of financial crimes.

On Tuesday, in an interview with the Asuntos Centrales program, Martín W. said that he was unaware of the ‘linked’ credits that the Justice is investigating that were granted to people without solvency and businessmen. He insinuated that he suffers from cardiac complications and acute headache, which occurred as a result of the allegations against him.

Proposal of collaborators

In the labor field, the representative and spokesman for the intervened Banco Fassil workers, Javier Soliz, affirmed that they have ready the document with the proposal that they will present on Friday to the representatives of the intervener, in which an ultimatum is established until the 15th of this month, without another term or extension, for the payment of the May salary, retroactive to the salary increase and the shortfall of the month of April to the collaborators of the intervened financial institution.

Likewise -he indicated- that the payment will be made in cash and not with goods and assets of the entity as, according to Soliz, they were proposed. Another point included in the document establishes the delivery of separation memorandums until the 30th of the current month, respecting the right to permanent employment established in the current regulation. And finally, until July 15, the payment of social benefits, plus the salary for June, must be made effective.

The executive director of the ASFI, Reynaldo Yujra, quoted in the state ABI, affirmed that the obligations with the former employees of the former Banco Fassil will be honored with the money obtained from the sale of the extinct entity’s assets, not with resources from the State.

According to the regulations, to meet the demand for payment of salaries and social benefits to former employees, the controller will proceed to monetize the assets (land, buildings, among others).

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